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Expensive Roses for your favourite Valentine!


Artists behind Endura roses, the UK’s leading preserved flower company, have launched what is thought to be the World’s most expensive bouquet of flowers ever this week with the announcement of The Cullinan, costed at £20,000.

A masterpiece that was inspired by the very diamond it was named after, The Cullinan contains no less than 100 specially preserved flowers.

Rising form a bed of lush, black hydrangea a towering forest of roses ranging in size, colour and texture including no less than six Grandeur Roses that have been completely encased in 24-carat gold; the Grande Rose sourced from Cayambe, Equador, were the local active volcanoes offer generously enriched soils that allow for the growth of the largest rose in the world; Heart Roses that are intricately and carefully created by hand by a specialist florist; and the Juliette Rose adds a large and lavishly shaped rare Rose with a texture like no other and a beautifully double-petalled structure.

The bouquet is also finished with Diamond Dust; a very rare and very precious product that is created when larger, multi-faceted diamonds are cut and polished, the dust that falls from them is no longer viable to be set in jewellery however still has the shine and gleam and refracts the light in the same exact way.

At its centre, the bouquet holds a Mon Chérie elegant curved glass cloche that into which is sealed a romantic dance of Endura’s heart roses with two Cullinan diamonds one 0.5 carat and the other 0.3 carat (SI1 clarity) sitting perfectly placed at its centre.

Based in the UK, Endura Roses have perfected the art of preserving roses. These real roses have been preserved to capture and maintain their original beauty year after year making them the perfect valentine’s gift to show your enduring love. The Cullinan joins a wide range of other gifts for Valentine’s Day available through its online shop or instore at its shops around the country.

To find out more, visit www.enduraroses.com