Fragrance company with a social policy to match announces limited offer


Benigna Parfums gender-neutral and transformative trio of luxury niche Fragrances is now available for sale. Hurry! Quantities are limited.

The brand was born out of a dynamic collaboration between a humble yet ambitious village girl, with a passion for flowers, turned both an Aerospace Engineer and a Pilot and the world-renowned French Perfumer, Cécile Zarokian. As these two worlds embraced each other, the partnership gave rise to 3 exceptional perfumes using highest quality and exquisite ingredients.

MSRP: Sample Set – $115, 15 ml- $155, 75 ml- $755, Discovery Set- $455, Collection Set- $2255

All of the 15ml and 75 ml perfume bottles are refillable.

The icing on the cake is that a percentage of the profits from Benigna Parfums will be donated to BeEagle Foundation, a STEM non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young girls around the world. @BeEagle_STEM

The floral collection from Benigna Parfums is masterfully created for those who desire to seek out superior quality and true distinction. These elegant perfumes embrace the power of oneness, yet tell a unique story on everyone’s skin.

Formulated using only the highest quality of rare and expensive ingredients, the scents result in exquisite and luxurious formulations. These long-lasting and profound scents are housed in a refillable diamond-faceted crystal bottle with a hand-cut crystal stopper adorned with Swarovski crystals circling the 24-karat gold-plated neck.

Currently, Benigna Parfums is running a limited-time and limited-quantities offer, which allows customers to get $115 off the 75 ml bottle or collection, if they buy and try the sample set first.

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Social media : @Benignaparfums