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The Billion Pound Beauty Market being challenged by social media


While beauty products, such as eye lashes, make up , face masks and body scrubs, play a big role in self-care routines, they’ve traditionally been more workhorses than show ponies for the beauty industry.

Recently, that’s started to change as beauty products have surged in popularity, thanks to interest in natural and organic ingredients, as well as a thriving community on social media. Sales of beauty products in the UK  hitting $5.6 billion in 2019, while makeup sales increased just 1%, according to data from The NPD Group, a market research company.This is “the first time in a very long time” that the beauty industry is growing faster than the fashion industry. Conservative estimates valued the global beauty industry at over $400 billion in 2019, according to a report from Trefis, a financial research and analysis firm. Where there is growth, there is always an opportunity as savy entrepreneur  Kevin Mutombo , 23 from Peckham saw a  gap in the market and certainly went for it with eyes wide open. Kevin bought a Peugeot Boxer and converted the Van and when we mean van, we mean the most unique van tailor made for your ad hoc beauty needs.  The result was London Premier Mobile Salon Rental Van. The beauty van provides an opportunity for  events and beauticians to hire and  carry out their treatments mobile and in public.
Kevin certainly hit the nail on the head as regards perfect timing. Why? because,  the emergence of Covid-19 has forced many to think creatively on how they deliver their services  and with the rise of females with companies such as lashes, nails, hair and aesthetics experiencing a high demand and making use of social media. This unique beauty van gives them an opportunity to be back on the roads and back in business.
The beauty van is  unique and creative  helping  people without space at home or those  struggling to travel with equipment and people lacking motivation to start or work on their business. On his  unique selling point Kevin commented  “I save money due to rent charges as my charges are a lot cheaper, I don’t charge for electric , can be hired for stationary or self drive meaning you can meet clients more distance creating a bigger fan base”