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Global Jet Partners announced as Official Private Jet sponsors of the NATIONAL LUXURY & LIFESTYLE AWARDS 2015


Leading French private jet provider, Global Jet Partners have announced today sponsorship of the 5th annual National Luxury & Lifestyle Awards. The Paris-based provider of private jets, Global Jet Partner , opened its London office in Chelsea early this month (June).

Global Jet Partner specialises in the provision of private jets to corporate and other discerning clients. Offering absolute privacy and discretion, a client’s personal project manager is on hand day and night to arrange a private chartered jet and private car transfers, taking care of all the smallest details to create serene travel, free from the usual pressures of departure deadlines, check-in and security and responsive to the most demanding of travel schedules and criteria.

Global Jet Partner has no preference towards any particular aircraft or fleet, enabling it to choose the best aircraft and most optimal arrangements for each journey, and to offer much greater flexibility than other providers.

President Linda Sellidj said: “Global Jet Partner is pleased to be able to extend our service to our UK clients, present and future, by establishing a permanent office in London. We hope this will enable more discerning travellers to experience our hallmarks of excellence in our performance, tranquillity for our clients and elegance in the travel arrangements we provide.”

In addition to its London inauguration, Global Jet Partner also announced the launch of the new Jet Card in both London and Paris.

Linda Sellidj explained: “Available as an Premium Card and a Business Card, our Jet Card programme is ideal for those who travel more than occasionally but not frequently enough to warrant owning or leasing their own jet.

“Clients invest in a block of hours which can either be on a specific aircraft or be open to all types of aircraft. We make deductions from the balance only for hours spent in the plane, and for taxi times, and offer reimbursements for time not used, meaning that, with the Jet Card, our clients control their costs and manage their budgets while retaining flexibility to travel as they desire, perhaps at short notice, and without restrictive long-term commitment. The Jet Card involves a very reasonable level investment tailored to suit clients’ needs and the Business Card is particularly cost-effective while still allowing flexibility to switch between aircraft categories.”

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