HOWL performing at The Independent Charts Live show at Cargo – London on the 19th!


During my regular search for new music, looking for something different, I came across this guy ‘Howl’. The first track ‘HV’ off his newly Released 10 track EP ‘Happy Valley’ instantly felt right at home in my head. Howl’s mix of ambient electronic sounds with gorgeously attended Vocals will melt you into the back of your chair. I couldn’t help but drift off peacefully, as I found the constant voice in my head silenced for once so I could take it all in. The space in the mix is fantastic, they say it’s just as much about the notes that are not played as much as the ones that are. Howl has superbly balanced the two to create a beautiful atmospheric EP satisfying your ears, but still leaving you wanting more.

After listening to the whole album, guess what? I wanted more. I got in touch with Josh (the man behind the music) and asked him about how the EP came about, and what ‘Howl’ was all about. I soon found out that Josh had written the EP in Hong Kong, where the ‘Happy Valley’ race track is located. It felt like fate. I myself am born in Hong Kong, and when we moved to England we named one of the Parks back home where I walked my Dog ‘Happy Valley’. The music so perfectly fit my foggy childhood memories of Hong Kong, though it retains a timeless, placeless quality that refused to leave my attention.


Just after releasing a single ‘Leo Johnson’ through the Independent Charts, Howl is playing at the Official Independent Charts Live Show at Cargo on Friday the 19th of Oct. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the live act!


Support Howl by listening to and downloading the track ‘Leo Johnson’ he’s released on the Independent Charts:

 To listen to Howl’s ‘Happy Valley EP’ check out: