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Kiri Bloore: Fashion Spy


This week we caught up with London fashionista and TV presenter Kiri Bloore, founder of new site Fashion Forensics. We wanted to check in with this chick, so had ten minutes and a cuppa..

Leila: The new site looks fantastic. Tell us a little more about Fashion Forensics?

Kiri: Fashion Forensics is a blog and TV channel created out of a love of all things fashion, basically I am your girl on the ground getting all the latest Fashion news and gossip as well as letting you know all our cheeky secrets. Were at fashion week, were with the designers and we have all you need to know.

Leila: What made you come up with the concept?

Kiri: I have spent so many years finding products that I love and researching the best products clothing brands and everything else fashion, and I finally thought my finds are to good to keep a secret and they need to be shared.

Leila: What have been your highlights for 2013?

Kiri: Taking on the new role of Celebrity correspondent for Fashion One TV and discovering new designers for Fashion Forensics like Eugene Lin.

Leila: You were lucky enough to cover one of the world’s largest events in 2011, the Royal wedding, reporting from a coveted position at Westminster Abbey. How was that experience?

Kiri: It was as you can imagine an amazing experience that I will never forget, I love being part of a live broadcast of such magnitude, the atmosphere and the passion made the day feel truly magical. I felt like I was getting married with them as I had been so immersed in Royal wedding fever.

Leila: You’ve also conducted exclusive red carpet interviews. Tell us who’s been the best celeb to meet?

Kiri: I have been very lucky to meet some of the Hollywood’s greats, but I would have to say Robert Pattinson was the most down to earth and kind person I have interviewed he was almost overwhelmed by the crowds and very humble.

Kiri: A little birdie also told me you are on the radio too. Tell us more?

Hahah yes I am on Silverstone Radio. Someone said to me recently life is a game of two halves and that could not be more true for me. Fashion is my life for the most part but I am also lucky enough to live out my other passion which is motor sport, it’s a world I have grown up in and spent much of my life working in and this year I was offered the role of ‘Something For The Weekend’ host for Silverstone radio- So I had an amazing summer spent track side at Silverstone.

Leila: What does 2014 hold for Fashion Forensics and Kiri Bloore?

Kiri: 2014 is an exciting year for Fashion Forensics as the brand is constantly growing and we will be expanding the TV side and having daily fashion updates, and we are looking into a ‘Work Your Wardrobe’ project where we will help the readers create the perfect wardrobe and give to charity the items that they no longer need. And for me well it will fashion and motor sport filled continuing the game of two halves.