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London welcomes brand new Restaurant and Nightclub


London’s nightlife is unrivalled in Europe with millions of tourists flocking to the capital city each year to get their heads around the culture and everything in between. As our dear friends, Prince Harry and Megan Markle celebrate their new baby another birth was taking place at the heart of central London. Call it a rebirth, or simply a birth from yesterday the name Jakata will be synonymous with anyone hip, on trend and is in need for a space to eat, relax, and dance your way into the evening. Yes, this new restaurant/nightclub is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Cevat Riza and his partners. Riza has a long history of running some of the most successful nightclub and restaurant brands in London and has hit the jackpot once again with Jakata London.

Jakata London is placed at the heart of Carnaby Street, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle London has to offer. Carnaby Street is known as the birthplace of Swinging London in the 1960’s. It was the home of the Rag Trade, Mods, Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics, and to the street style trends of today. 

Cevat Riza, Executive Director of Jakata London commented “I am very fantastic to launch this today. It has been several months in planning and i just want all who come here to have a brilliant time at our restaurant, bar and nightclub”

The name Jakata was derived from the Jataka tales. These tales are an extensive body of Indian literature, containing stories about the Buddha in both human and animal form. In each fable, the Buddha would resolve all problems which resulted in happiness and that’s what happened at the launch last night. The venue also boasts a devoted restaurant providing the freshest of ingredients, alongside a divine cocktail lounge and an outdoor seating area. The nightclub on the lower ground offers two bars, a spacious dance floor and private booths, perfect for events and special occasions. The unique layout  means dining guests can continue their evening in an exciting and welcoming cocktail lounge, complete with eclectic music and excellent DJs.

Don’t take our words for it. Try Jakata London out yourself and you will be extremely impressed!!

Jakata London

14-16 Ganton Street, Carnaby, London, W1F 7BT  or Visit Jakata online by clicking here