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Meet Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, the London based company bringing a twist to the interior design industry


Founder of the London-based interiors studio, Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, Ana and her team take a perfectly imperfect approach, uniting the old with the new, antiques with modern pieces, to create fresh, timeless interiors. Based on the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy – the notion that an object or material is alive and evolves with time – their designs celebrate the imperfections found in natural materials and furniture in its raw state.

Palamos-H-158-200x300They especially love working with homes and materials that have a story to tell, which show their beauty with age. In older buildings, the focus is on restoring a room to its original state, highlighting any historical features, while adding a modern twist. In new homes, they are guided by the client’s needs to inform the design and shape of the house, bringing in older pieces to complement the new.

No job is too big or too small – they help their clients realise their ideal interior through a range of design and delivery services. In addition to full house renovations and commercial projects, Ana and her team design and install unique and exclusive kitchens and bathrooms. They also provide a design consultation service for clients seeking inspiration and help with the initial plans and ideas but who will then go on to implement the project themselves.

Ana and her team are committed to creating stunning interiors yet believe, above all, that the house should feel like a home, reflecting the people who live there. They thus take time to get to know and understand their clients – their lives, needs, likes, vision – working collaboratively to ensure the space will feel homely and inviting when new elements are introduced. Good communication builds strong working relationships. It also helps ensure the process remains transparent and enjoyable throughout, and the final result exceeds expectations. Whether the property is a small flat that requires a big personality, or a city town house that needs to make a statement, or a house in the country that needs a refresh – whatever the brief, they delight in creating character through design.

“She impressed us with her personal approach and ability to interpret our needs, likes and dislikes perfectly. Above all, she understood our desire to have a personal, enchanting ambiance … we are so happy with our home.”

Ana-Engelhorn-Web-214x300Born in Switzerland, to Spanish and German parents who inspired her from an early age with their love for beautiful spaces and talent for interiors, Ana incorporates her international background and interests in travel and art into her designs. This eclectic taste comes through in her work. Never one to shy away from something new or different, she loves striking fabrics, rich colours, stand-out chandeliers, and art that makes a statement (check out her Chelsea townhouse and Catalan Farmhouse projects to see examples of both). With an interior design certificate from The Professional Design Institute, Ana worked across Europe for a decade before moving across the Channel to set-up her business in London. She is excited to meet and collaborate with fellow designers, suppliers and makers, sharing her ideas of how to live better with the old, the renewed and the new.

To find out more about Ana Engelhorn Interior Design, visit their website, and have a look at their social media handles below

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