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New club launches in the heart of London


Last night i was invited to the launch of  the Qube Project . A brand new club with ambitious plans  to rejuvenate central London’s night life from the heart of Victoria. As you walk into the venue,  you immediately start to admire the décor which seamlessly runs throughout the stunning space. From eclectic installations  spanning across the plethora of rooms to DJ booths  and several dance floors including one with the trademark Qube in the ceiling which came complete with directional smoke machines that could be controlled to make you appear or disappear (believe me, this part can be a little bit of a nightmare to explain when sober)… You just have to experience it yourself to find out..

Moving swiftly on, we were escorted upstairs to a separate space were the VJ’s were hard at work focused on making sure the visuals matched the pumping house music. Award-winning production company The Halo Group have been tasked to bring their trademark state-of-the-art 3D mapping and jaw-dropping visual displays to create  an atmospheric high tech party themed experience.

The soundsystem seems to be doing the job too and it seems like the team spared no expense when it came to making sure the vehicle pumping out the music was top class as i asked one of the DJ’s about what  soundsystem they had in place.. (A perfectly normal question for a new night club….Obviously!!) …. “The sound here was specially designed by Martin Audio sound system  and it really makes a difference. I play in loads of clubs and when a venue has the sound right. The experience becomes much more intense for the guests”. Fantastic, so far so good… Now, we popped out to the smoking area…. which even for a non- smoker (cough, cough…..) like me!!.. The smoking area is naturally forgotten by most venue planners but an absolutely small but essential ingredient in the grand scheme of things.. The smoking area at the Qube  was turning into a little social gathering were people could actually talk without any social media interruptions and unashamedly Google eachother for no other reason than to to prove that they are actually valid citizens of the planet earth.. Amazing…!  “It is the 21st century, what do you expect???”  said Sophia Kelly (Members Coordinator at the Qube Project) who explained her passion for marketing and why The Qube Project will be a success . “London is a mecca when it comes to clubbing but people want much more these days and the VIP experience is the key to what we offer here at Qube. It’s been so much hardwork with just a couple of days till the launch but i am glad it has all come together” and then she disappeared and appeared a few minutes later with glasses of champagne for all. Now that’s what i call hospitality… Fantastic!

Sophia then introduced me to the lovely Gemma Ross  the brains behind the Qube Project who went on to add  “We wanted to create a luxury playground for London’s elite. We will have  a unique membership and VIP scheme, inviting those in the know to enjoy exclusive content, offers and releases.  There will be diverse musical programming for QubeOne which will span from electronic music in all forms, with soulful, deep, high-energy and melodic house and techno” .

Sounds perfect . Well, there you have it,  The Qube Project is located at No. 191 Victoria Street. London SW1E 5NE and yes, it gets a thumbs up from Chelsea Monthly!!!! So what are you waiting for? For more information.  Click here for the official Qube Project site.