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Prince Charles on hospital scoop


Hosted by The Prince of Wales at Clarence House on Thursday 15 December, fourteen hospitals from around the country have been congratulated for the excellent work they have done to improve the food in their hospitals, as identified by the Soil Association.

The event celebrated the best of British hospital food with fourteen of the UK’s highest achieving hospital trusts in attendance, including guests from the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

Working in support with the Soil Association, HRH The Prince of Wales has had a long and active involvement in the drive towards better hospital food. Speaking yesterday Prince Charles talked about his hope for hospital food to aid and not work against fighting for well being, “We need food that helps, not hinders, patient recovery.”

The Prince highlighted that food doesn’t need to be of top cuisine nature to be nourishing, “A well-executed bangers and mash will do far more good than a fancy signature dish with too much fat.”

‘First aid for hospital food’ exposed the often shocking state of hospital food in Britain today. It showed that hospital food’s rotten reputation is often richly deserved and that every independent survey of hospital food since 1963 has concluded that NHS food is neither appetising nor nutritious.