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Chelsea Monthly’s Top 20 Most Eligible Millionaires 2011


20. To show she is no trust fund baby, Amber will use her London College of Fashion education to create her exclusive jewellery line next year. The line is called MyFlashTrash by the way.



19. The singer from Westminister was signed by Select Model Management UK earlier this year. Eliza Doolittle is now working on cracking America with her indie pop vocals.


18. Don’t let this picture fool you, the man knows how to throw a party, just ask the Queen. Worth around 60 million he founded Kindness Day in the UK this year which will anually encourage people to demonstrate one act of kindness on the 13th of November. Ah bless!

17. Liv Boeree is the highest earning female professional poker player in the UK and 7th in the world. Having won over 1 million on her first European tour, this is one girl whose poker face you can’t read.

16. Imagine how much fun you would have building a lego house with one of UK’s hottest vocal talents, Ed Shereen. Confessing earlier this year to being bullied for his ginger roots, the revenge of the nerd has never been so sweet.

15. Towering at 6ft 6’, England cricketer Stuart is known for precision in aim whilst bowling. Securing his contract at just 17 years of age, this sportsman has dated the like of former Miss England Laura Coleman and actress Kacey Barnfield.

14. Making it to the Evening Standard’s 1,000 most influential people list this year, British rapper Wretch 32 has made wave with his authentic attitude towards music.

13. Inheriting her mother’s pouty lips, Amber has fronted most models dream campaigns such as Moschino, Temperley London and Pantene.

12. This English rugby union player counts ASBO and Mr Angry amongst his nicknames, which are rooted from his fire and passion for the game on the pitch. He was part of the England under 21 team that won the 2006 Six Nations Grand Slam and also competed in the under 21 World Championships later that year.

11. Cheshire born William Tempest is one of the UK’s most sought-after designers. With a following of A listers such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, Tempest will undoubtedly go on to make history in the fashion world.

10. Her vocal range has been compared to legends such as Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, and she is one of the most successful artists that the X Factor had ever produced and hey, Leona’s ex-boyfriend went from an electrician to an A&R scout for Sony. Nice one Lou. Nice one.

9. Whilst most teenagers are trying to cope with their hormonal changes at 14 years of age, Adam Hildreth set up his first company Dubit Limited and now has a net worth of £25million plus.

8. Having hit the urban music scene back in 2006, Tinie Tempah has won most major music awards. You’d think he would’ve ran out of any more goals to achieve. But no, not Tinie, the 23 year old has only gone and released an autobiography. What will he do next?

7. From introducing under floor heating to the UK, to campaigning to ban the builders bottom – so there are no more bottom cleavage exposed on building sites across the UK (no, seriously), Dawn Gibbons is a woman of no bars held.

6. Lead singer of Jamiroquai, Jay Kay has a taste for fast sports cars and elaborate head gear. As they go so well together…

5. Opening his first shop on Savile Road at the age of 23, this designer brought the fun into Mayfair. Combining wacky twists into classic tailoring, Ozwald Boateng is also a member of the REACH committee helping to identify and recruit national role models.

4.  A third of the World’s population knows what her derriere looks like in a white dress. Enough said.

3. Although born in Milan (daughter of British F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone) Tamara has painted London red with her Louboutins for years. Documenting her life on her new reality tv show, Tamara proves is brunettes that actually have more fun.

2. After his brother got married earlier this year, all eyes are now on Prince Harry. With his cheeky grin and every now and again head shaking antics, royalty has never looked more fun.

1. In his early years the young Jones often went to his fathers office in Windsor because he loved sitting in his big chair and pretending to be in charge of a big company. Fast forward to the present, Peter Jones can be found on prime time hit TV show Dragon’s Den and has seen his portfolio of brands earn him the title of Britain’s most successful entrepreneur. Earlier this year he added the National Reality TV Awards Celebrity personality of the year to his long list of accolades. With several TV shows, investment opportunities and new business ventures, Peter Jones now also earns the title of Chelsea Monthly’s top bachelor of 2011.