Review: Downtown Mystic releases single “Modern Ways”


Introducing Downtown Mystic also known as Robert Allen. The New York City based singer, songwriter, and guitarist is back and making his presence felt bigger and better thanks to the release of his new single “Modern Ways”. We first discovered Downtown Mystic on NewRockStars and since then have been hooked on this seasoned musician who makes music that takes you through a fantastic journey into the sound of the past with a touch of the present.

Allen’s new song “Modern Ways” carries a definitive message while still providing a powerful musical experience for listeners. It is a factual take on the challenges of living in today’s world. The production highlights the song’s strengths and projects a warm sound that never sweetens the difficult message of trying to comprehend the things that drive some people to darkness-especially during this current global pandemic with businesses being forced to close and people losing their jobs.

“Modern Ways” talks about the rise of scammers and spammers trying to take advantage and rip people off.

The sound of DownTown Mystic is “vintage yet modern”. The music is rooted in all the great traditions of American Rock‘n’Roll, blending storytelling songs with vintage guitars and analog recording into a unique style that owes nods to classic rock artists like The Eagles, The Beatles, and Rolling Stones but somehow manages to sound as contemporary as anything currently available.

“Modern Ways” is available on all major streaming services.

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