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Tan & Glo with St. Moriz…


Tan & Go With The New St. Moriz Professional Insta-Grad Shimmer Tan (£6.99, exclusive with www.superdrug.com)

Perfect for anyone who needs an instant bronzed tan with added shimmer to highlight and enhance their glow!
The transfer resistant colour lasts all day and washes off to reveal a natural-looking tan. With aloe vera & vitamin E for super soft skin and a longer-lasting tan. 50p from each purchase between the 13th of March 2022 and the 31st of July 2022 will be donated to Marie Curie to help support the increase in need for end-of-life care.
Face Tanner To Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine – St. Moriz Professional Clear Complexion Mist (£6.99, www.stmoriz.co.uk & Tesco)
Combined with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to help keep your skin silky smooth and your tan looking flawless. The instant colour guide will help you to achieve a streak free finish which will develop over 4-6 hours.
Get spraycation ready with St. Moriz  Advanced Spray Tan In A Can (£12.99, www.boots.com)

This clear tan is perfect for anyone who wants a mess free, golden spray tan, without the salon price tag! With an easy-to-use 360° spray, finding someone to tan your back is a thing of the past.