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The Cube, Milan


This fine dining restaurant is moving throughout the most prestigious locations in Europe, quite literally. The Cube restaurant by Electrolux is physically broken down and then put together again when taken to
its new residency. When the project ends The Cube is also 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly ethics? Check.

Having moved from the top of the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, Chelsea Monthly jetted off to its latest location on the roof of the Via Ugo Foscolo in Milan to experience the flavor, service and breath-taking views that The Cube boasts, and may we say it did not disappoint.

The most pioneering chef of the city that The Cube moves to, creates all food themed with the cuisine that is dear to the chef, and for us we had the extraordinary Italian Chef Andrea Sarri cook up a divine seafood seven-course meal.

After taking in the view overlooking the Milan Cathedral, we were escorted inside, champagne in hand, inside the dining area where the restaurants dining table hovered down from the ceiling to us, decorated with seashells and sand.

Before each course, the chef will talk through the inspiration behind the food and for Chef Sarri the inspiration of seafood came from being taught about the art of culinary and flavor from his father, who was also a chef.

The Cube, Milan is set to stay until the end of April 2012, with lunch costing €200 and dinner costing €275 euros, per person. It is really a ‘chef ’s table’ with a seating capacity of 18, making this experience a very intimate and exclusive affair.