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Stressed? Treat the symptom not the cause


Back in August 2011, several packs of Nurofen Plus were found to contain a powerful anti-psychotic drug (Seroquel XL) used to treat schizophrenics. This led to a huge debate on our dependence on quick fix medicines to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia. With risk of addiction and many other dangerous side-effects, a majority of Londoners are seeking alternatives that are organically traditional. Massages are one of those treatments that have been used for centuries to tackle stress. With an endless list of different available massages choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To help you make a more informed choice of what type of massage would best suit you, this month we decided to focus our attention on three very different massages on offer in London.

Elemis, Mayfair London Well-Being Massage

For a head-to-toe stress reliever the well-being massage at Elemis day spa is the place to go for full body release. With its full effect being felt until the next morning, this massage combines ten different cultural massage techniques to make sure you feel relaxed.

Lasting for 60 minutes the treatment starts with a welcome touch which combines warm aromatics with lightly pressured compressions to the feet. The therapist then works up your body using techniques to help body circulation and soften muscles. Ending with a face and scalp massage your entire body feels ready to enjoy its newly rejuvenated state.

The Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane  Swedish Massage

For the ultimate me-time and tailor-made massage the only place you have to go to is The Four Seasons Hotel Spa for the Swedish massage. Having opened in March early this year the spa mirrors its luxurious surroundings in service, facilities and view.

Upon entering the salon you are greeted by smiling faces who talk you through the process of the treatment. A health questionnaire must be filled so the treatment can be as beneficial to you as possible. Opting for the moderate pressure massage (this can be tailored to your preference) the therapist started rubbing deep into my muscles to the point of being almost painful, but retracting pressure in perfect time. Using Espa’s nourishing body oil this lightly scented oil left my skin glowing and velvet smooth.

After the treatment your curtains open to the most breathe taking view over looking Hyde Park and you are advised to take your time slipping into your gown. After the massage hydration is vital so your therapist has already gotten ready a pot of herbal tea of your choice. You are shown to your private room where you can lie down in your very own bed and listen to soft music. The spa’s sauna and pool facilities are also part of the experience making this massage treatment what can only be described as the Cadillac of all massages.

Micheline Arcier AromatherapyThe Shop at Bluebird Spa, Kings Road

With emphasis on the power of ingredients trailed down from healing medicines used during the ancient civilisations the Micheline Arcier aromatherapy massage works on the belief that massaging exclusively on pressure points found in the top part of the body is the best form of treatment when it comes to soothing stressed muscles.

Before the treatment you’re given a consultation where you can describe your most sore points to a therapist and based on what you say you are matched with a specific massage oil which will best tackle your pain. Although the massage works only on the scalp, back and shoulders its effect is parallel to the results of a whole body massage, it really is that intense.

After your treatment you are advised to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon as the oils in your body are still active for up to two hours after the treatment, this is one to save for the weekend.


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