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Van Hechter releases new single “I Believe”


Canadian-based artist, Van Hechter is back with a brand new single “I Believe”The single I Believe is exactly as the title says – all about believing in the impossible to achieve happiness! Specifically, Van Hechter eludes to finding happiness within yourself after letting cynicism and negativity out and replacing it with positivity and faith in the unseen. I love the meaning behind this song as it’s super positive and upbeat, the kind of song you would start your day with or play when you are having a down day. It also has a strong, catchy chorus that will have you singing 24/7 and as always Van Hechter absolutely nailed the vocals and harmonies in the new single.

This is the perfect song for 2020 which has been a rollercoaster year, to say the least; alternatively, many of us have managed to find ourselves. As it describes  – the song is like a promise to remain happy with our own lives and focus on what’s more important.

Van’s latest single is a firm favorite and therefore has to be given a perfect rating from me. Rating: 10/10

Ahead of the release of “I Believe”, we managed to catch up with Van Hechter for our monthly interviews…

Van, lovely to have you back for an interview here on the National Post. How have you been?
Nice to be back! Well- now that the vaccine is on the way I have hope. My spirits are high again! By this time next year, we’ll still be wearing masks, possibly, but we’ll be going to clubs and shows again. I can’t wait to perform!

Now, you have a new single called “I believe”. Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind that single?
”I believe the impossible can happen, I believe hearts weren’t meant to harden”!
There’s no space for cynicism in Van’s world! We know not everything is wonderful in life, we know there’s sufferance and misery. But I will never let go of the following though; sometimes things turn out fabulously well!

We have covered in the past your general writing process. However, take us through the recording process of “I believe” taking account of the global pandemic and its effect on getting music produced?
The album was recorded before COVID hit. God— the fun we had with this song.
”Fadahh fafafa chfahhh, fadahhh fadahfanfanfahhh”, then ”L’amour l’amour l’amour l’amour l’amour”…
Eryck kept laughing at me.
Also, we’d invited Vanette Bobby Bobette (Allison’s her real name) to sing the French bit with me. She was divine as usual.
It was just warm, you felt the love in our studio. Hopefully, the track transmits the vibe.

 The song was just premiered on a radio station in Miami and the video came out on Dec 2nd—Who directed the video? And what was the concept behind the video?
I like to control visuals like a dictator, but once in a while, I let artists create whatever they want. In this case, I hired a super cool youngster named Ruben Nox, and gave him carte blanche! There was one rule; I wasn’t going to be in the video. I don’t want it always to be about me me me. He came up with this very simple concept of people loving one another freely. He’s the one who added all sexualities which I thought was a great idea.

It is clear that music plays a big part in your life. What other hobbies do you have that form part of your happiness bubble?
More music LOL!!!!! Seems everything always gets back to it with me. Each time I try to abandon it for 2 minutes I become so sad. I’m always thinking of a song, listening to a song, reading lyrics… I workout every day to be vocally fit, watch my weight as to look my best on-camera… It’s a very obsessive life I lead but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Then– I have friends– very good friends. I’ve created a family, a chosen family; we drink wine, eat good food, laugh, goof around. Doing close-to-nothing is EXTREMELY important, you know…

As we have finally reached December and we conclude the year that was 2020. How would you choose to remember this year and any plans for more music from you in 2021?
You know- I have my health and I wasn’t starving nor scared about not being able to cover rent. That’s pretty lucky. This is how I’ll remember in 2020! So many people struggled- I just had to wait it out. Everyday I think; ”Fortunate bastard! Don’t you ever DARE complain about ANYTHING”!