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What do you get for the woman who needs to show herself more gratitude and love?


Of course, the answer is Chloe…With Love.

We do not often think of jewellery and wellness being interconnected. Jewellery is about luxury, trends, and style; while wellness encompasses our complete physical, mental, and social well-being. But what if we could combine the benefits of both?

Gemstones and Crystals have intrigued humans for thousands of years with their intense beauty and mystique surrounding their healing and spiritual attributes. They have long been used for healing, spiritual awakening, and energy stimulation. Their jewellery can be customized so you can choose the stones that most appeal to you or speak to your energy needs.

Chloe…With Love is a luxury handcrafted jewellery line created for the woman who needs to show herself more gratitude and love.  Their jewellery is designed with love and is handcrafted, one piece at a time, in a boutique jewellery studio in Toronto. Each piece is as unique as the person wearing it.  Each piece incorporates the glamour of high-end jewellery and overall wellness by expertly marrying solid precious metals with the beauty of natural stones.  They combine precious and semi-precious stones to create customizable one-of-a-kind pieces.

Chloe…With Love is the result of years of dreaming by Nancy Zuccarelli. Never in her wildest of those dreams did she believe that she would expand her corporate career to launch this true labour of passion and love. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa to Italian parents, Nancy and her family moved to Canada in 1982 when the world awoke to the atrocities happening in her home country.

As a child, Nancy was a collector of stones, the more sparkly and colourful, the better. Stones have long since played a role in her wellness routines. Finding them both healing and inspiring, she instilled that passion in her two sons, who share their mother’s zeal for natural stones and have memories of being given rubbing stones when feeling anxious or before exams to calm their nervousness.

After extensive experience in Executive Sales Leadership roles in Tier 1 organizations, she felt the need to unleash her creative side and follow her passion for wellness, female empowerment, and of course anything that glitters and sparkles! That was the seed that grew into Chloe…With Love

“Be well, be kind to each other and celebrate you, you are worth it!” is the mantra Chloe…With Love stands by.

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