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Young Ambitions: Hanna Leyin


Another promising talent to watch out for in our ‘Young Ambitions’ series is Hanna Leyin, born in Redbridge, Essex. Currently business development manager of Ilford-based company, Power Cleaning Group, Hanna has always found herself keen to expand into the creative arts. ‘I studied Art at the University of Arts in London, which I really enjoyed. I wanted to collect more qualifications in business however, so I went on to study Geography and Business management and a course to become a legal secretary.’


A girl of many ambitions, Hanna admits her first love was running. ‘From a young age, I joined the Ilford Athletic Club and loved it. Now, I regularly complete charity runs, including Breast Cancer Care and Rainbow Trust.’ Hanna still cites Kelly Holmes as one of her most inspirational figures.

Now at the prime of her life, it’s been tough for Hanna to choose a career path, but plans are starting to come together for the 25 year old since acquiring her Holistic Therapist qualification. To merge business with pleasure, Hanna is looking to create her own holistic massage therapy company within the realms of London, and looks forward to seeing this develop into a thriving enterprise. In addition, Hanna has also taken up modeling. She says of the occupation; ‘I didn’t expect to get very far, but I had a portfolio of work done a couple of years ago which turned out very well, so I decided to set up a profile on Starnow.’ Hanna has now modeled for Aveda, JML, the Olympia Beauty Show and the Urban Music Awards 2012, with more work coming in every day for the striking young woman. ‘My dream is to work with brands like Clinique, Lancome and The Body Shop!’

When asked what the future holds for her ambitions, Hanna simply says; ‘With everything I do, I try and make the most of all my skills. Whatever happens in the future, it’s important to be professional and learn from your mistakes.’

Find Hanna on her Starnow profile: