Allan Dawson releases brand new single “Reflections of Your Face”


Welsh singer-songwriter, artist and producer Allan Dawson has offered the resonance and connectivity we’ve been crying out for with his lockdown-born fourth studio album, “Reflections of Your Face”, featuring the standout single, “Bubble”. The space between the guitar notes in Bubble leaves enough room for lament to linger before the sardonic wit from the vocals creeps in and adds welcomed nuanced humour to the soundscape. With Psych Rock elements adding plenty of vibrance to the tonal palette and the accompaniment of Slash-style soaring solos, Bubble is an aural para

Allan Dawson has been ingrained in the industry since the 90s. Starting out as a lead guitarist with the subconscious propensity of becoming a solo artist he took to sound engineering and ended up with four studio albums under his belt. Each of his releases is a reflection of his colourfully gritty life experiences arranged to offer inspiration, intimate
emotion and humility. With artists from Mansun to Eagles influencing his sound which shares reminiscences to
Supergrass, Dave Matthews and David Gilmour, Dawson delivers an accessible immersive sound with a provocative
authentic twist.

Allan Dawson has created a sound of his own, as he merges his new rock influences with his early influences from the 80s. The new single “Reflections of Your Face” reaches more strides and brings this single up to today’s standards if it’s that important, and just the same it leaves it where it belongs if not.

Allan wastes no time getting to the goods with Reflections of Your Face giving itself away as the title cut, and it’s a slow growing but well painted opener. The soft-structured magic he weaves is just the beginning. One by one each gem shines in its own light and some are brighter than others but all solid rocks.

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