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And the winners are…


Chobham Manor, East Wick, Marshgate Wharf, Sweetwater and Pudding Mill will be the 5 new suburbs around the Olympic Stadium where almost 8000 new houses are going to spread.

This huge construction’s project during the next 20 years will produce 5 new suburbs which the names were still secrets until today. The « competition » started since March and the jury was composed of London’s representatives had to choose among almost 2000 names that the public proposed.

Some were quite originals like Dog And Bike or Plastic Fantastic, and others were more down to earth like little Athens. But those names haven’t been enough relevant for the jury and have been rejected.


Eventually, the winners are :

Chobham Manor for the north-east area

East Wick for the north-west area

Sweetwater for the west area

Marshgate Wharf for the south-east

and then Pudding Mill for the south


Let’s speak about History

The first name, Chobham Manor, has been suggested by Gary Davidson-Guild from Lambeth, because the area will be built in the same place than a manor house bought out by John de Chobham in 1843 before the railway expansion which costed the disappearing of the property.

It will be the first neighbourhood to be built.

The second name, East Wick, has been suggested by Oliver O’Brien, because the area will be in the East of Hackney Wick where he comes from.

Kevin Murtagh of Reading, Berkshire, has choosen the name of Sweetwater for the west side, to honour the sweet industry which was nearby watercourses.

The fourth name, inspired from marshes which has taken an important place in this district at the time, has been suggested by Stephen Davies of St Albans, Hertfordshire.

And finally Pudding Mill which will be close to Pudding Mill station, comes from Pudding Mill River that Dave Arquati from Wandsworth has found important to highlight.

These new neighbourhood aren’t going to be only composed of houses but also with new conveniences like the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park which is going to open after the games, news nurseries, but also a polyclinic for Chobham Manor, new schools, nurseries, community centers and open spaces for the others.


Families will be able to move into the new houses from 2015 only, even if the public will be allowed to discovered the new buildings from 2013.