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Capturing the Essence of Joy: Chelsea Monthly Presents Funtasize’s Innovative Photo Booth Experiences


In the heart of event entertainment innovation, one name consistently stands out: Funtasize. As the go-to provider for exceptional photo booth experiences, Funtasize has mastered the art of blending professionalism with unadulterated fun. In a world where moments are fleeting but memories are eternal, Funtasize’s offerings are a testament to the power of technology in preserving the magic of any occasion.

A Commitment to Customer Delight

At Funtasize, excellence is not just a goal—it’s a promise. The company’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service ensures that every event, whether it’s a corporate gala, a wedding celebration, or a milestone birthday, is enriched with a touch of excitement. Funtasize’s dedication to maintaining the guest experience as its foremost objective is the foundation upon which its success is built.

360 Video Booth: Elevating Visual Storytelling

Imagine capturing an entire scene, emotions included, in a single shot. Funtasize’s 360 video booth makes this creative vision a reality. Through seamlessly blending music, video, and effects in real time, this booth turns event photography into visual storytelling. The booth’s unique design allows it to smoothly rotate around guests as they stand on the platform, capturing a breathtaking 360-degree footage that’s destined to become cherished memories.

The 360 video booth isn’t just a technological marvel; it’s an experience that transcends traditional event photography. It captures laughter, candid moments, and the sheer joy of being in the present. Funtasize has elevated the concept of capturing memories, turning them into vibrant narratives that reflect the spirit of the event.

The Zane Photo Booth: Your Imagination, Captured

Funtasize’s repertoire includes the highly acclaimed Zane photo booth, an iPad-based wonder that caters to diverse preferences. It seamlessly captures moments as standard photos, boomerangs, GIFs, or videos—ultimately putting creative control in the hands of the guests. This versatility ensures that every guest’s personality shines through in the way they choose to be captured.

Personalization is at the heart of the Zane experience. Funtasize empowers you to overlay your event logo on the captured content, aligning the memories with the event’s essence. The addition of a song of your choice to accompany the captured videos adds an extra layer of personal touch, transforming each memory into a symphony of joy.

Creating Unforgettable Event Experiences

Funtasize’s photo booth experiences aren’t just machines; they’re event companions. Their presence adds an interactive element that engages guests and ignites their creative spark. With every click and flash, Funtasize transforms events into immersive experiences that resonate long after the celebration ends.

From intimate gatherings to grand soirées, Funtasize knows how to infuse moments with magic. The company’s unwavering dedication to merging professionalism with playfulness has earned them a reputation as pioneers in event entertainment.

Cherish the Memories with Funtasize

Whether you’re commemorating a special milestone or aiming to create a remarkable corporate event, Funtasize is the answer. Their photo booths are more than devices; they’re time capsules that encapsulate the spirit of your event. With Funtasize, memories are not just captured; they’re celebrated, shared, and cherished for years to come.

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