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By Jordan Kensington,  Lizzie Stephens,  Lucy Coleman ,  Ashley Davies   TWITTER SLOWLY ERADICATING TRADITIONAL BRITISH WORDS... Traditionally British words such as ‘cripes’ and ‘balderdash’ are dying out amid the popularity of shortened text-style terms, it has emerged. Experts found a significant decrease in the use of words which our parents and grandparents would have uttered on an almost daily basis. Other words which have fallen by the wayside amid the LOL generation are ‘rambunctious ‘, ‘verily’, ‘salutations’ and ‘betwixt’. You only have to look on Twitter to see evidence...
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Scenes of elation as Libyans take to Hyde Park after their countries liberation

Celebrating crowds last night descended on the Libyan embassy in Knightsbridge after the revelations that their toppled leader Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi had been captured and killed after weeks of uncertainty about his whereabouts. Gaddafi, who had not been seen for two months after rebel forces ended his 42 year reign, was finally discovered cowering in a drainpipe. The dictator had been trying to avoid capture by the rebel forces who had overthrown his leadership. The unrest began in Libya with peaceful protests in February, and escalated to a conflict between...
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