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Could an Annual Health MOT from Concierge Choice UK Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Health Resolutions?

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Why starting the year with a comprehensive health MOT could help you achieve your 2019 health goals.

10th December 2018


Every January 1st, following the overindulgence of the festive season, most of us wake up determined that this year we are going to be better, healthier, and generally look after ourselves more.

For some people this might be about getting fit or losing weight, but for others it could also mean committing to prioritising their mental wellbeing, reducing their cholesterol or stopping smoking

However, by February, this resolve has usually slipped and we fall back into old habits.

Starting the year with a comprehensive health MOT could help you stay on track and prioritise your health and wellbeing. For an annual fee, alongside other benefits, Concierge Choice UK members are entitled to an annual health MOT with their GP, lasting up to an hour, which includes blood tests and urine analysis. If you are between 40 and 74, you are also entitled to a free NHS Health Check every five years,1 designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia.

Check your baseline

The tests included in a Concierge Choice UK health MOT can give you an idea of your baseline health indicators, so you can set your goals and also monitor your progress. For example, the blood test can check cholesterol levels, kidney function and liver function, and test for diabetes and anaemia.

Set achievable lifestyle goals

As well as looking at your lifestyle and medical history to identify what you need to focus on changing (e.g. diet, exercise, smoking), in your health MOT you have the opportunity for an unhurried conversation about how you will make these changes. Your GP can help you set achievable goals with actionable first steps towards them, so you leave feeling empowered to get started, not overwhelmed with information.

Monitor your progress

Going for follow-up consultations means your GP can really support you in monitoring your progress towards your goals, helping you to adjust your behaviour to stay on track where needed.

Choose a GP to support you

Concierge Choice UK members can hand-pick their GP from a network of experienced local GPs who have signed up to offer the service, so you can choose a GP who is right for you. The service is available to all; however, a patient can only register at a practice with a participating GP if they are not registered as an NHS patient at that practice.

Once signed up, you will see the same GP every time you visit the surgery, allowing you and your GP to form a long-term, personal relationship and ensuring continuity of care. Your first annual health MOT, carried out by your chosen GP,is a chance for them to really get to know about you and understand your health priorities.

As well as the annual health MOT, Concierge Choice UK membership provides patients with access to same-day or next-day face to face relaxed consultations (up to 30 minutes). Members also receive their Concierge Choice GP’s mobile number and email for out of hours concerns.

The membership service is currently available in a number of London areas, including Bayswater, Earl’s Court, Golders Green, Kensington and Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, South Kensington, St John’s Wood, Westminster and Winchmore Hill; and in Bushey and Radlett in Hertfordshire.

For more information on the programme and a full list of participating GPs, visit