Evo release new single “Cut me Loose”


K.O and X’s story is one of hardship, sacrifice and determination. K.O and X are brother and sister twins who grew up in a poor area of Japan. Since they were kids their parents had high aspirations for them to be successful so they wouldn’t struggle as they did. So against warning of a family curse if they left Japan the family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California. While the family immediately found wealth in a new community and new job they were devastated when X developed a disease that not only left him bedridden for months but also left him blind. The family curse came into mind and his mom devastated carried the guilt.  Already a shy kid, X spent following months inside his room hiding and becoming a recluse, spending countless hours just listening to music. He eventually developed a love for electronic music especially old school from Prodigy then on to Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Avicii but also other forms of music from hip hop to pop. He told his family although blind somehow the electronic music helps him “see” through music, the vibrations hit off walls and objects and he can actually see shapes and object. The doctors were amazed at this gift after running tests and verifying his stories to be true. Although his father did not understand he was happy his son was opening up more and found happiness again. He granted his sons wishes in turning part of the garage into a music studio. His son quickly started learning how to use turn tables, keyboards and playing the guitar. After a few years he started posting his remixes and tracks online under the moniker “X”. After years he finally created a hit track called “Drop that Bass” which was streamed over 500,000 times before it was banned and removed in China.

X knew right then what he wanted to do but his shyness and doubts about his looks prevented him from performing. His sister tried to build him up with no avail. So she helped him develop a look that made him feel a little more comfortable being seen in public. X became an instant local celebrity known for his variety of large dark glasses and hoodie. Fascinated by her twin’s gift and growth, his sister started spending more time with him learning more about electronic music hoping to build his confidence but she also became fascinated with music as well. Her love became so great she left veterinary school and learned how to use music software, DJ turn tables and they experimented with their own sound that combines various elements of electronic genres. She took on the name K.O, acronyms for her name but also vowed to KO all who challenged her. They called themselves “The Evo” meaning evolving style of multi genres. They released several blended high energy party tracks but the track that really blew up was “The Bang Theory”. The futuristic pulsating blended track was played at parties and clubs that entire summer and used in a film soundtrack. They performed their first show that summer and quickly developed a cult following in the US and even more in Australia and Japan. Goodieboy A&R rep saw one of their shows and loved their style, music and twin package and signed them. Their blended style has us excited about their future on the music scene.

The new single by K.O and X  aka The Evo is called “Cut me Loose” and from the very beginning of this song, I was hooked. An introduction of strong sonics and drums was very promising, and made me excited to hear the rest of the track to follow. The initial made scramble that we are brought in to eases down to a bass riff, and we are introduced to some raw and edgy vocals. The pure electronic sounds are then re-introduced to us gradually, being played beautifully alongside the vocalist, building up to what was guaranteed to be a catchy and memorable chorus.

Just as expected, the chorus delivered on par to the build-up. Catchy, jumpy, and toe-tappingly good, it delivered on both an instrumental and vocal level; treating us to lofty riffs, which I can only imagine would send a live audience into a mass of thrashing bodies.

After to being treated to a second chorus, the heavy instruments drop down into more subtle riffs, once again complimenting the vocalist, who’s voice, I must admit, I have fallen a little bit in love with.

It usually takes a pretty strong pull for me to be excited about a band from the very first play of a song, and this is the first time that I have heard of the work produced by The Evo. I can assure you all that I am very excited to hear more from this group.

I can only imagine that they deliver just as well live as they do recorded, as all that was crossing through my mind throughout playback was how much I would to hear it played from a stage, as part of the sweaty and bouncy crowd that are sure to follow them.

I can absolutely guarantee that I will go away and look more into the work of  The Evo. I can genuinely say that I have not been so excited by a new piece of music for a while – or as would be more fitting to say ‘it’s been a long time’.

We were privileged to have a quick Q&A with the band…
How would you describe your music?
We call ourselves “The Evo” meaning, evolving style of multi genres. We hate labels and don’t want to be pigeon hole into one genre, we love fans of ALL electronic music to go crazy on all our songs and not be predictable so we surprise fans with what we come up with next.

What would you say is your recording and song writing style?
It just comes to us. Easily…. 90% of our songs are not preplanned. Either K.O is messing around with some sounds and I hear something in that and I will have her replay something a few more and sometimes build that way, sometimes is me hearing a beat in my head or topic and I think how that topic would be in music or lyrics or sometimes I work with creative commons type sites where one insignificant sound creates our entire song. Because our English isn’t the best other virtual groups at Goodieboy help us with some lyrics and meaning since it takes a lot to learn how to translate languages.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
We don’t think 5 years in advance. I know parents and the world tells us we should have long term plan but in music we just enjoy the ride and live in moment. We want to enjoy all THIS LIFE has to offer and not think of a future that may not happen. Who knows, coronavirus is dangerous so lets have fun, party and enjoy every second of life with friends and family and music is a factor in happiness or emotions. If we’re still writing music for fans to enjoy in 5 years amazing! If not it will still be a fun ride!

Where can music fans listen your music?
Fans can here our music on the hyper follow link, YouTube Music Channel, website and even various blogs, magazines and radio stations around the world. Also, if fans vote who the top dancer on the YouTube video they will be entered to win a pair of wireless headphones, courtesy of Goodieboy Music.

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