Marina Matiss releases brand new single El Perdón


Marina Matiss is an exciting new pop singer/songwriter with a solid foundation and vocal strength as showcased in her brand new single “El Perdón”.

Unlike fellow peers Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish or even Ariane Grande, I think Matiss’s essence is generally less dance pop and more credible music. I would agree with that word ‘noir’ and as I sit here contemplating that description it deeply connects.

El Perdón could be translated as meaning ‘sorry’ or ‘forgiveness’ . The subject in the track longs for something and that control of having to see this other person on their terms, and that’s not the case. Scorned lover. An affair. Stood up. Hard to say, but my mind wandered into some bizarre territories while listening to the track. I always appreciate artists that give their fans that connection and that leeway to create their own backstory. There’s something very dark about the song, yet very beautiful. Matiss’s song allows those moments of imagination.

The music bed and the bassline in beautiful video in Barcelona with a burning antique piano, symbolizing her burning heart and painful past” is airy, light. It’s a nice juxtaposition to Matiss’s vocals. The beat is solid – a great toe-tapper. My shoulders were moving, too. Still, with the myriad of sound surrounding me, my ears just zoomed into Matiss’s magnetic vocals. I could easily hear this song with stand-alone piano keys fused with her voice or even a faster mix. It would translate well either way.

Marina Matiss, who usually writes in English commented that this song came to her in Spanish which shows how talented she is because her native tongue is actually Russian.  However, it would have been a crime to go against what seemed so natural. We definitely agree that overall,  this song is a keeper. Marina Matiss is a prime example of an incredible talent under the radar but will soon be on everyone’s Spotify playlist and beyond. Matiss’s vocal delivery is interesting and it’s out of the ordinary.

If I wanted to hear a song that sounded like every-other Ariana Grande song, I would turn on the radio. Indie pop artists like Marina Matiss are worth discovering and once you discover you too will see how talented she certainly is.

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