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It’s Friday and if you are in the mood for the weekend  then you are in luck. The sun is still out and there are plenty of reasons to be celebrating in summer style!

Cocktails form a part of summer celebrations everywhere. From barbeques and dinner al fresco to weddings and garden parties, a good cocktail is the perfect way to pin down that summer feel.
Whilst whisky might not be your go-to ingredient for a summery drink, a certain shop at the heart of London’s  West end is on a quest to change perceptions.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the  Whisky Shop who quite recently  teamed up with Dewars’ to offer a take on whisky cocktails that have the benefit of being refreshing enough for a summer celebration whilst still retaining that warming afterglow – ideal for when the sun disappears behind a cloud…again. Perfect!
The Whisky Shop and Dewars’ are hosting a special summer cocktails event on Wednesday 14 August from 7pm at The Whisky Shop’s flagship Piccadilly store where you can learn exactly how to make whisky work as a summer cocktail ingredient, tasting some delicious drinks as you go and even getting your very own cocktail kit to take home with you. As soon as i mentioned, this to my colleagues on the Food & Drinks desk, they were all filled with ideas on how the Whisky Shop should infact hold a tasting session at our Chelsea Monthly office.  Fantastic idea!

 Andrew Torrance, managing director of The Whisky Shop said: “Whisky might not be everyone’s idea of a cocktail staple but many classic cocktails have whisky or bourbon as a key ingredient, such as the Manhattan or Old Fashioned.  It has the benefit of imparting real flavour and depth to a drink as well as adding that signature warmth.  He went on to add…

“A cocktail might not be the whisky purists’ idea of how to enjoy a dram but at The Whisky Shop we’d encourage people to find their own way of enjoying this versatile spirit.”

Now Torrance, sounds like one passionate Whisky lover and if passion can sell, then the whisky is sold. So what are you waiting for?

Tickets are priced at just £25 and are available from The Whisky Shop

Below we’ve given a sneak peak of some of the delicious drinks you’ll be able to enjoy on the day, plus a couple of our other summer favourites.

The Dewars’ Julep

Dewars’ take on the traditional Mint Julep, a Kentucky classic made popular by F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, the Great Gatsby.

–          2 measures Dewars’ 12 year old

–          2 barspoons Honey (preferably Scottish heather honey)

–          8 mint leaves

Stir the honey at the bottom of glass with half of the Dewars’ 12 year old until dissolved.  Add the fresh mint leaves and remaining Dewars’ 12, fill the glass with cubed ice and churn.  Top with crushed ice and garnish with large mint sprig.


Dewars’ Summer Punch (serve 4 to share)

The perfect summer cocktail to share!

–          175ml Dewars’ White Label

–          50ml fresh lemon juice

–          40ml St Germain Elderflower liqueur

–          150ml pressed apple juice

–          100ml ginger beer

This one’s simple! Add all ingredients to a punch bowl, add cubed ice and softly stir.  Serve in a punch cup with a slice of lemon!

The Dewars’ Penicillin

The perfect cure-all cocktail!

–          2 measures of Dewars’ White label

–          3/4 measure of Fresh lemon juice

–          3/4 measure of Honey-Ginger Syrup

–          1 bar spoon of a smoky single malt whisky

–          Ice

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a piece of lemon zest.

Dewars’ White Label Smash

If you love a Mojito, you’ll love this.

–          2 parts Dewars’ White Label blended Scotch whisky

–          1-2 mixing spoons granulated sugar

  • or

–          ¾ parts simple sugar syrup

–          2 pieces of lemon

–          3-4 mint leaves

–          Seltzer

–          Ice

Muddle the lemon, mint and sugar in the bottom of a mixing glass.  Add Dewars’ White Label, shake and strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with fresh mint.

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