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Godiva: Pre-Christmas Warm-Up


With the frosty mornings reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner, the festive season brings with it a feeling of indulgence and luxury.

With numerous events, dinners and gatherings to cover in December (a good guest always brings a gift!), Chelsea Monthly is giving an exclusive sneak peak into a luxurious chocolate box by chocolatier Godiva.

This suede box contains sixty-one pieces of Godiva’s signature assortment, including a secret draw of chocolates. On top of this chocolate gift dream is the Godiva logo, made up with Swarovski crystals.

Looks too good eat? Do not fret! Once all the chocolates have been devoured, you can take the empty box to be refilled at any Godiva chocolate store.















£150 (refills around £70-£90)

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