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London entrepreneurs are at the forefront of global innovation


The UK entrepreneurs community is a thriving one. With established entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group), Charles Dunstone (Carphone Warehouse) , Peter Jones, Duncan Bannantyne constantly setting a climate of success. It’s clear that if our economy needs to recover, It also needs a new generation of entrepreneurs who are not afraid of the reccession and are prepared to take risks to forge ahead in business. One of such entrepreneurs is multi-millionaire, Jordan Kensington who started in business at age 18 with his media, marketing and events company, Invincible. In over 12 years, he has built a successful business in the UK, USA and Africa including several magazine portfolios, a TV production company and a thriving events company behind some of the world’s biggest events. Jordan also has a restaurant franchise chain in Africa, and a primary school and a College in West Africa and St. Lucia. His latest venture sees him launching a brand new, energy drink solely for the African market called , Power. With a reported wealth of over 18 million US dollars in 2007 and an increasing wealth generated from the current value of his portfolio of over 6 companies. Jordan is proving a force to be reckoned with in the business industry. We were lucky enough to catch up with Kensington off his editorial and business duties for an exclusive interview.

Does the state of the economy keep you awake at night?

No, because when i started in 1999 i had nothing. The only support i recieved was from the Prince’s Trust apart from that, nothing at all. Hence, when you start from nothing it’s easier to make it through in any climate. This isn’t hard times now infact it’s not the hardest it’s ever been, our economy is just not feeling well, so if you want to succeed find an economy that is and invest in it. China is doing quite well, Brazil is doing fantastically well. The world is a big place, i am launching Power Drinks across the African continent to add to my portfolio of ‘Food & Drink’ companies because i know it would be as successful as what Redbull did in Europe, the USA and North America several years ago.

What was your idea behind the TV production company, Invincible TV?
We used to own a Sky TV station in the early days but we sold and made a huge profit from that to invest in Invincible TV productions. Our rationale behind that decision was that it is better to be Othello running for 6 weeks in a theatre than be the theatre running 24/7 and 365 days a year. In other words, when we weighed the cost of running a TV station against the cost of producing for other TV stations. We found out that the production company was the way forward. The production arm has proved a hit, producing tv shows such as Britain’s Next Urban Superstar, The Phsycology of Cheating , The Capital to working and delivering content to brands such as CNN, ITN, Kickers, BA Airways and much more. Obviously, the Urban Music Awards , International Football Awards and National Reality TV Awards which are all produced by Invincible TV productions have been syndicated for broadcast to over 48 million viewers worldwide. The liscensing deals are pretty much a consistent huge financial return in different territories.

In your early days, there was very keen intreset in music . Infact, you were signed and even toured several countries. Is that a passion to you still?

I remember signing a massive six figure advance contract from a major record label shortly after my Dad passed away. After doing one album and touring whilst trying to juggle a law degree . I realised that if i had to do music it was going to be on my own terms. I have ghostwritten for several chart topping artists and our label Invincible Records is currently signing up some really new great talent within the rock, pop, and dance genres. So, i am really excited about what the music department are working on.

In 2007, you were worth an estimated 18 million US dollars. What are you worth now?
If you take just one of our brands, say the UMA’s for example, as a brand we have over 1.5 million consumers on our database, it’s ran in 6 territories with over 80% brand recognition. Being that the urban music genre is the biggest selling genre in the whole world with a high turnover of blue chip companies who have paid six figure sums to work with our UMA brand including; Kickers, Footlocker, Mac Cosmetics, Levi Jeans, British Airways, and many more. It’s clear to understand the value has tripled. However, that’s only 1 out of our 6 companies. Since, my companies and headquarters are spread across Europe, Africa and North America. The net worth is much more valuable than many speculate. I am not looking at floating Invincible for now because of our strategy and timing but it’s something that is within our timeline especially once we launch our new product, Power.

What would you say is your secret to your success?

You might not like my answer Jeff… But, here we go.. You can have the best work ethic, best staff, best idea and an impeccable gift of opportunities but if you haven’t got God in your life as well as in your business, you might certainly make it successfully but it would be easy to come back falling down when you reach a mitigating circumstance.

OK, your latest venture is Power energy drink. Is the market not saturated enough with similar products?

Looking at the millions of search engine results, you might be led to believe it is. However, when one reads research on the nutritional information on many of them we find out that the main ingredient is lots of cheap carbohydrates or sugars resulting in ,the rush,jolt,boost then subsequent lows and crashes. Since the Herbs used do not have enough natural caffeine the toxic artificial stuff is added on.And of course there is that big one “Taurine”,so scary I won’t even talk about it. Reactions can vary from diarrhea, diabetes, migraines severe dehydration,or even hearth failure. So through our extensive research with research company Zuricom, we realized that even though the ingredients and herbs should by definition be doing all this great stuff, the ones used in most energy-drinks are just as artificial as the vitamins added to sugary breakfast cereals. Our Power energy drinks and Zoom energy, will be boost energy drinks with a very natural herbal content including Guarana, green tea, artichoke, grape seed and elederberry extracts. Most importantly ther nutritional energy, protein and caborhydrate content will be high with only a trace of Fat. I want our Food & drink products from Power to deliver nutrients for energy release and a source to aid health and vitality. Furthermore, we have researched the African continent for 4 years and there are only a few rivals in our domain so there is every chance for us to be extremely successful in this continent within the few years then we can expand to the Caribbean and South America.

Check next month’s issue of Chelsea Monthly, for a full length interview and to win 1 year’s supply of Power energy drink.