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New Year Means the New You!


This month Chelsea Monthly hit the streets of Kings Road to find out what promises our readers have decided to keep for themselves next year.


“My new year’s resolution is to buy either a 6 series BMW or a range rover. It HAS to be done.”

Shafilil Islam

“My new year’s resolution is to stop working so hard! Also, I’d like to showcase my paintings in the Chelsea area. I make paintings out of using denim-based materials.”

-Ian Berry


“I don’t have a new year’s resolution. I am completely content and happy!”

-Patrick Kar

“I guess I would want to explore different ways in trying to get fitter and healthy, maybe like yoga?”

-Abi Nevielle

“Mine would be to visit hotter countries. More sun, sea and sand for sure” -Yurena Duedes (Left) 

“My new year’s resolution is to make sure I release my music and get an album out in 2012” – Marlena Ruman-Ciula (Right)

“I would want to save more money, enough to buy a house in the country-side”

-Lance Fraser

“I would say I need to eat more fruit. In particular pomegranates, it’s an unusual fruit that needs more attention in my diet”

-Andre Tattersfield

“We want to travel to Italy and explore the art galleries. We won’t be looking to learn the language though, I think we’ll remain ignorant tourists and speak English everywhere we go!”

-Becky and Phil

“In 2012 I aim to travel to all the major cities in Europe with my daughter. Especially Paris, I absolutely love the French”.

-Gloria Kitson