RANDY COW Swimming Shorts Go above and Beyond standard Beachwear


Randy Cow, founded in December 2019 and based on the skirt of Greater London, is a Beachwear brand with a cheeky edge, premium products and a goal to help the World.  Their popular Swim Shorts with a Waterproof Pocket headline their collection and were featured in, and voted by British GQ as the ‘Best New Menswear Item in the World’ (July 2020).  They have seen success (during the worst possible time to start a Beachwear brand!) now stocking in all Selfridges stores and on and in Waldorf Astoria Hotels – as well as more independent locations.

They are proud members of the 1% for the Planet movement, in which they pledge 1% of their sales to the organisation to help combat diverse World problems. All their products are made from recycled plastic and all products and packaging is free from single use plastic – some call them heroes, and that is ok ! They came to shake things up, make a difference, leave an impression and provide amazing products with great service.  So far, so good…

A wise man once said ‘whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it’s important you do it’. Well Mr.Gandhi, They are doing it and they are doing it right. 

Countless hours spent checking dudes out at the beach. Days of staring at the world for inspiration. Weeks of feeling fabrics, textiles and derrières. All brought together with a little bit of spice from the team at RC HQ. They are here to deliver top notch beachwear for planet earth.products and the ultimate customer journey across the globe, whilst doing our bit

Revolutionary waterproof solutions and stunning designs set their products apart from the crowd. And behind the scenes, when they are not pranking each other but they are working out how they can make things better and more fun for all.


The Randy Cow Patterned men’s Swim Shorts are unique, and straight up sexy. Their big, stunning watercolour paint, with ink lines are distinctive and finished perfectly with their signature navy pockets. Their  swim shorts are made with 90% recycled plastic (12 bottles are repurposed into every pair) and 10% Spandex for stretch and comfort. They are all complimented with a revolutionary waterproof pocket which will keep your belongings dry, down to 30 metres!

Each pair of swim shorts has been loving made by their crack team of scientists who have studied for years at the World’s top Universities on how to make different parts of swim shorts, and once they put their heads together, magic happens and the comfiest, most stylish and just damn right awesome swim shorts are made for you


Randy Cow is horny over this opportunity to sponsor the Best Male Personality category of the National Reality TV Awards!  Being big TV and Film buff’s we’re excited for this and future events.” – Dave, Adam and Rowland – Founding Farmers of Randy Cow clothing.

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