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Chelsea Monthly meets Abbie Pinckney and Ashleigh Best, CEOs of UNITFOUR


UNITFOUR is an award-winning hair salon based in Essex which was established in 2020 by co-owners Abbie & Ashleigh only met twice in 2019 and decided to embark on the journey to open UNITFOUR. Since then, it has only thrived to where they are today.

  • UNITFOUR is known to build great relationships with your customer base. How important would you say building a personal relationship with your clients are integral to your success?

Building that personal relationship with our clients is something we believe is even more important than the hair itself! We allow our clients to recharge & let go as soon as they step in the door so that they can feel comfortable within our family at UNITFOUR not only achieve the hair goals they desire but also the mindset they deserve.  We aren’t just hair designers we are councillors, best friends, a shoulder to cry on, a friendly face to laugh with  , we take the journey through some of the most important milestones in our clients lives as if they were our own & that is the most rewarding things.

  • Sometimes, customers are used to their trademark hairstyle. How would you consult a client on adopting a new hairstyle? 

We are here as your own personal hair coach, trying new hair styles is what we love to do & We know the one thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we love to create, whether big or small. So what’s the harm in wearing your parting different or switching up your styling technique on your next appointment? Starting small with a client in adopting new ways to wear their hair can often lead to bigger changes such as a brave colour or edgy hairstyle & that’s what we specialise in!

  • The hair industry is constantly evolving. How do you keep updated on the latest hair trends?

We are hair education geeks at heart! The industry is a fierce competition, and it’s changing every day. Keeping updated with the new fashion trends is something we pride ourselves in, we work alongside our brands to ensure we have regular education in anything & everything to make sure we are always one step ahead. We love to have model appointments within the salon to help us to really get creative with our new found knowledge & learn how to bring it from catwalk to salon so that everyone can enjoy!

  • Tell me what you think the biggest challenge you have faced so far and what you have done to overcome it?

Our biggest challenge by far has been the creation of UNITFOUR to ensure we stand out from the rest, opening our doors at the beginning of an unknown pandemic has been exciting, scary, stressful, fun but most importantly one of the best decisions of our lives. Taking on a business mentor was one of the best things we have done & because of this we have taken every hurdle in our stride, figured out what we needed to do to beat the obstacles thrown at us & continued to grow from just the two of us to the family of specialists we have today! We are extremely lucky, but proof that hard work pays off!

  • To all the new customers who would like to use UNITFOUR. Explain your consultation process.

Our Hair and scalp diagnosis is something we have worked hard to perfect for all clients new or existing & we know that this is one of our most important processes.

It can be very daunting visiting a new stylist for the first time & we make sure that everybody feels at ease with the steps we take to get the best consultation.

Firstly we like to learn a little bit about your lifestyle & who you are this helps to gauge styles that are manageable.

We then take a closer look at any concerns & goals you have and create a plan going forward on how we are going to achieve these goals together. Which treatments or services are required to help get us on route to perfect hair!

Assessing the hair & scalp with strand tests, porosity tests, elasticity tests to help us provide you with a hair care plan tailored to you with all the information you need to revert back to if needed when you leave the salon.

We also offer a mini lesson alongside a hair and scalp diagnosis, we create a plan with products & tools, and teach you step by step how to look after your hair from pre washing all the way through to styling!

  •  What are the top 5 hair products you will recommend?

Wet brush – they are THE best for detangling the hair without extensive breakage

Kérastase Genesis serum Anti-chute – a pick me up for your hair, reducing hair fall this product is a miracle worker! Ideal to prevent hair fall from stress, post & pre pregnancy & general changes within the hair cycle.

Kérastase elixir ultime oil mist spray – the perfect shine spray for that ‘fresh out the salon’ hair everyday!

Kérastase fusio dose in salon treatment & scalp scrub – our luxury concentrates & boosters in over 20 combinations for a treatment & our dual option scalp scrub to give your hair a well needed spa day!

  • How excited are you to be sponsoring the Best Social Experiment Show at this year’s 10th anniversary of the National Reality TV Awards?

We are beyond grateful to be a part of the 10th anniversary & super excited to be sponsoring the best social experiment show! As you can imagine Reality tv is one of our hot topics of conversation in the salon & we can’t wait to announce the winner!

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