Candice Earle-Hutton captures it all for you!

  • Can you give us an insight into what inspired you to become a photographer?
My passion for photography goes hand in hand with my passion for film, both art forms were fascinating to me growing up as they transcend language and culture and epitomise so poignantly the universal expression of emotion. I first started to focus on photography seriously during my years spent traveling and living abroad, documenting people and events became an obsession for me and I started to pursue my passion professionally. What I love
most about photography is that I am able to tell a story through so many different angles and perspectives whilst capturing the most unique aspects of my subjects.
  •  They say to be a very good photographer, you have to have a keen eye, which means you should be able to see a situation that nobody else can see. So, can you tell us about the best photo you clicked or covered?
It is hard to choose the best photo but for me, portrait photography can be such an intimate experience for the photographer and the client, therefore I always shoot in a relaxed way which enables my client to feel at ease and I am then able to capture their personality
through their real and engaging emotions.
  • A photographer likes to travel and capture loads of good pictures. Can you tell us your top five countries which you would want to visit and take pictures of after this year of a pandemic?
Of course. I love traveling and have been blessed to experience so many beautiful countries and cultures. My top five places or countries to capture would be
1. South Africa for its rich culture, stunning nature, and majestic wildlife
2. Positano, Italy for its picturesque blue waters, natural beauty, and effortless style
3. Brazil for its spectacular landscape, vibrant culture, and exuberant architecture
4. Morocco for its eclectic colours, famous markets, and captivating winding streets
5. Chicago, USA for its epic skyline, diverse neighbourhoods, and legendary street art
  • You covered the National Film Awards UK in London. Can you let us know how that experience was for you?
Covering the National Film Awards was a fantastic experience. It was great to be part of such a tight knit and professional team at the NFA. All of the staff collectively worked hard to make the night a memorable experience so it was a privilege to be able to capture so many of those moments throughout the event. I particularly enjoyed photographing the red carpet where I was able to capture some stunning photos, the guests looked so well-groomed and their outfits were superb! Photographing the awards ceremony was also a
highlight for me, it is always such a joy to capture such elated emotions when the winners were announced and they went on stage to receive their awards.
  • For future customers who would like to engage you as their photographer for different events, what will be the best way to get in touch with you?
To get in contact with me and see examples of my work you can visit
www.candiceearle-huttonphotography.co.uk or email candi_ce2000@yahoo.com