Reasons why Employers Should tap into the Student Economy


Often you hear the word ‘student’ and conjure up negative connotations in the form of drinking, drinking, and more drinking. Nonetheless, students are highly-valuable to employers and the economy, which we are going to dive into right now.


Particularly in the UK, students are eager to thrive, learn and work. The labour market is highly competitive and with the uncertainty of the inevitable Brexit; the young generation is seeking to secure something substantially more than ever.

Like a sponge, students are willing to soak up all the knowledge, work ethos and responsibilities to earn their wages, gain experience and to build their professional development.

The Gig Economy

Are you a part of the evergrowing gig economy? If treated fairly, students are a perfect match.

Their unpredictable study schedule and hectic lifestyles can restrict working hours. Therefore, by presenting them with the opportunity to choose when they want to work, you will receive plentiful in return.

The digital age is here and so are the students

Your parents will open up the case to a new iPhone and will require several-thousand working hours to navigate around the home screen.

For students, not so much. They are well equipped with the digital age and the products that come along with it.

With countless businesses going digital, now is the time to invest in students to utilise their skill and optimise it for your products and growth.


Rewind a couple of decades and the young generation had lifetime commitments. Families, a secure job and financial responsibilities.

Now, Generation X and millennials are all about taking risks. Long gone are the days where they settle for one job in their local town.

They are ready to jump into an industry, relocate and travel far and wide to not only gain words of wisdom but to immerse themselves in alien cultures.


Large-scale companies are established worldwide, with many following in their shadow. This introduces an inclusive atmosphere of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

Students are notorious for being open-minded and liberal. This approach is essential to breakdown barriers and works effectively, together.

Harnessing soft skills

Teamwork, communication, flexibility are soft skills which are of a great asset to your company.

It can be said that students may not have extensive work experience, but their education and social skills have equipped them with effective soft skills.

Teaching knowledge and technical skills come hand-in-hand when students have comptentcies to absorb and apply such information.


The common saying: you can’t teach a dog new tricks does not apply to the young generation.

Welcome a student into your company, and you will have the unique oportunity to mold, train and inspire them for years to come. They will come in inexperienced, but if you have the right tools for training, and implement your values from day one; you will see these are the keys to success.

To wrap things up, tapping into the student economy can not only bring fresh new insights and energy to your organisation, but will contribute towards a far more effective and innovative workforce.

The aim of student jobs, is to connect employers, with the best potential candidates who are actively searching for jobs including; part time and weekend work to internship, placement and graduate roles.

If you would like to find out more, and are seeking advice on how to find the perfect candidate, head over to the student jobs page, by clicking here !