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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Fraser Island


Yesterday, Queensland did what it does best and bathed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a spectacular 26-degree glow of sunshine, a stark contrast to the past few days, and also to Sussex in England which is expected to reach only 12-degrees C. Despite scaling down her official appearances to relax, the Duchess of Sussex continued to make her way to the world-heritage listed island, separating from Prince Harry at the Hervey Bay Airport and boarding a high-speed vessel and a popular whale watching boat, Tasman Venture, for a picture-perfect bay crossing.Hailed as a resting spot and a nursery for Humpback Whales and their calves as they migrate south, it is hoped the Duchess of Sussex was able to spot of the majestic cetaceans during the bay crossing.  K’gari, the traditional name of the island means “paradise” in the local Butchella dialect and is a top pick for any expectant mum looking to relax.

Kingfisher Bay Resort where she will spend the day offers an inhouse spa with pregnancy-approved spa treatments, like the signature Ocean Song treatment, a 110-minute scrub, massage and facial using native Australian ingredients. The resort also offers a Bush Tucker and Bush Medicine tour and a Living Art Gallery.The stunning work of Peter Meyer, a Kingfisher Bay Island Resort guide and a noted photographer, is featured at the gallery. Today the Duke and Duchess will be presented with one of his more popular photographs as a memory of the royal stay.

Mr Meyer said, “They are going to Pile Valley where the Satinay trees are, so I gave them a photo of the valley as a reminder.  A rainforest is messy and it’s hard to find symmetry and structure. I spent days looking for that one perfect image in that particular forest.”Meanwhile, Prince Harry took the yellow Fraser Island Explorer Tour Bus to River Heads where he boarded the public barge for a 45-minute calm crossing to the world-heritage listed Fraser Island and his ultimate goal, Pile Valley, and a rainforest on the sand.

The Sunshine State lived up to its name dishing up picture perfect weather for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.You can find out more about how to spend time on Fraser Island here and Peter Meyer here.  For more information on Fraser Island and Queensland, please visit