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The Globe Mysteries – Globe Theatre


Showing at: Shakespear’s Globe Theatre

Box Office: 020 7401 9919

Genre: Play-Drama


Beginning with the creation and ending with the last judgement, the English Mysteries introduced aspects of medieval life into theatrical representations of the Bible. These collections of plays were developed from the 10th century up until Shakespeare’s time.

Now Shakespeare’s Globe presents its own version of the Mystery Plays as part of its The Word Is God season.

With lavish costumes, ballad singers and musicians, The Globe Mysteries draws on medieval traditions and the stories of the Bible to celebrate the spirit of medieval street theatre and processional performance, taking a fresh and contemporary look at the Mystery Plays and its influence on theatre.


Previews From: 05 Aug 2011

Opening Night: 10 Aug 2011      Closing: 01 Oct 2011