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The Hoff talks exclusively to Chelsea Monthly


By Tom Pullen


David Michael Hasselhoff   was born July 17, 1952 . He has taken up the roles of  actor, singer, producer and businessman. He is best known for his lead roles as Michael Knight in the popular 1980s US series  Knight Rider and as L.A. County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the series  Baywatch. Hasselhoff also produced Baywatch for a number of seasons in the 1990s up until 2001, when the series ended with  Baywatch Hawaii. Hasselhoff also crossed over to a music career during the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s. He was noted for his performance at the Berlin Wall at New Year’s Eve 1989; he enjoyed a short-lived success as a singer primarily in German-speaking Europe.

More recently, Hasselhoff has been involved with talent shows. He was the first celebrity eliminated from the eleventh season of  Dancing with the Stars on September 21, 2010. He was also a judge on NBC ‘s  America’s Got Talent from 2006 to 2009. In 2011, he joined the  Britain’s Got Talent judging panel, alongside Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre. He appeared as himself in the 2011 film  Hop. We caught up with the Hoff at the 9 th annual UMA’s exclusively for Chelsea Monthly!



Chelsea Monthly : So, fancy seeing you here at the UMA’s . Are you a big fan of British music?

David Hasselhoff:   Yes, off course. I love Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Dionne Broomfield. She is got a wonderful voice and a wonderful future ahead.


Chelsea Monthly:   Great. So, Hayley is here with you. Is this love or are you having a bit of good old British fun?

David Hasselhoff: Well, as you know. I love all things British and Hayley is just the perfect icing on the cake. I never knew that I would find love in Britain but I did and she is making me ‘one very happy man’.


Chelsea Monthly : The love for  ‘The Hoff’  seems to be growing every year. You are probably the only 80’s star in the world to have enjoyed a consistent renaissance. What’s your secret?

David Hasselhoff:   The key is the “a lot of people seem to love the Hoff” part, and that’s all I need. I don’t care why they love me, as long as they love me. I think people respect me because they feel like – I’m kind of like Christmas. I come back every year. You can’t get rid of me. I just keep coming back.


Chelsea Monthly : From my personal favourite Knight Rider to  your starring and production roles on Baywatch. You have certainly breezed through a fair share of exciting parts. What has been your most revered roles to date?

David Hasselhoff : Being a father. I have a great relationship with my kids. We’re very honest with each other and I’m very proud that we are absolutely, incredibly close. That to me is more important than anything. They’re just kind, outgoing kids with a huge heart. I’m proud of the way they turned out, and I’m proud of our relationship. When I’ve needed someone to care for me, they’ve told me the truth. And if you’re lucky in this business – in this world – if you have five people that will love you enough to tell you the truth, you could live a long and happy life


Chelsea Monthly : You mentioned your kids. Your girls are getting into music now. What advice have you given them on their journey into the industry?

David Hasselhoff: To enjoy the ride and just have fun. You live only once, so why fear and worry about the unknown.


Chelsea Monthly: Now, now, David.. The ‘unknown’ sounds quite UFO. Don’t tell me you are into aliens?

David Hasselhoff: (He laughs) , No, except the type of aliens you saw on Baywatch.


Chelsea Monthly : Perfect! Thank you so much for talking to us.

David Hasselhoff: It was a pleasure. I love Chelsea Monthly and thanks for the invite!


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