Mehek Resturant Review


Location:  45 London Wall  The City, City of London EC2M 5TE


The word ‘Mehek’ means ‘fragrance’ and true to its name Mehek has created a wonderful aroma of high quality Indian cuisine in the City of London. Mehek offers a more sophisticated dining experience for those who are seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of Indian fine dining. The Menu takes you on a journey across the different regions of Indian Subcontinent to present a superb combination of vibrant dishes. And from the many regional variations of Indian cooking that provide a wide choice of cooking styles, the head chef has matched each dish with a style to bring out the distinct flavours and fragrances of the dish to tantalise the senses. Highly experienced and adventurous gourmet themselves, The Chefs have an obsession for cooking and serving exciting and delicious food from the extensive range of sub-continental recipes.

Mehek features a luxurious restaurant with a warm ambience. It boasts a large bar with a friendly atmosphere and an excellent selection of wines and spirits.


Star rating : 4/5  ****