UK’s first & only REAL-TIME Accountancy & Taxation Fee comparison website has been launched


We can compare insurance, mobile & utility tariffs, loans, bank accounts, and pretty much everything nowadays but what about real time accountancy & tax fee comparison?

You don’t need to worry about this anymore, has launched UK’s first & only REAL-TIME accountancy & taxation fee comparison website.

How did we come up with the idea?
Being a Chartered Accountant in a growing practice, we get a number of leads and spend hours with potential clients. In the past few years, we noticed, clients were signing up with their local accountant or with someone who was charging less, or with someone who had specific experience in the industry or they went to the big 4 as our firm was too small for them. Over the last 10 years, we have spent hours and hours with those clients and did not win them.

On the other hand, businesses/taxpayers spend hours and hours on the phone with different accountants and sometimes end up signing up with someone who is not fit for their business. Therefore we spotted the gap in the market and came with an idea.

Tell me more about it please. is a platform that connects businesses with qualified accountants, bookkeepers & tax experts within minutes.

Similar to a car or home insurance, By providing a bit of information such as the structure of the business (self-employed/limited company), turnover/sales, and how the information is kept, taxpayers will be able to generate an instant quote and will be able to see fee in REAL TIME and choose the right accountant/Tax expert based on distance, qualification, indemnity insurance limit, industry, software, language, ratings, price and much more. Taxpayers will have an opportunity to see the breakdown of the services, cost, and terms of engagement before signing up with a firm.The good thing about the platform is that it’s completely FREE for the clients/taxpayers.Since the beta launch last month, over 150 accountants have listed their firms along with the services & fees already and hundreds of other accountants in London have shown interest in listing their services on the platform. If you are an accountant and intending to grow your firm, please list your firm now on

Is it any good for accountants in UK?
Yes, it is, The platform allows Accountants to create a firm’s profile FREE of cost, Firms can add services they offer and the fee and platform will send leads in their inbox.

Revenue Stream: It’s another marketplace to acquire clients and grow their firms.

Exposure: Accountants will have an opportunity to get local as well as national exposure.

Lead acquisition Cost: The cost of lead acquisition is far less in comparison to the search engines.

Time-Saving: Accountants will mainly be contacted by those who are really keen to work with them.

Spend less, Get more: Accountants will surely end up spending less with us and getting more.

No Obligation lead: The leads are non-obligatory, if firms are not keen, they can simply ignore them.


Though the listing and displaying fee on the website is free, you have to pay to fetch the details of the leads. But it’s all non-obligatory. If you don’t want a lead, you won’t pay.

What would you say is your unique selling point?
As mentioned above, rather than talking to different accountants and waiting for hours, taxpayers can search accountants by providing basic information about their business. In addition, different filters on the platform allow taxpayers to narrow down their search. From there, they can either sign up online, request a callback. The beauty of the platform is that the taxpayers will be able to see the breakdown of the services, cost, and terms of engagement before signing up with an accountant of their choice.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years’ time?
I would like to see myself collaborating with other comparison websites such as Go compare, and many others.

 How can customers find out more about your brand?
If you are an individual taxpayer or a small business, feel free to visit the UK’s first & only Accountancy & Taxation fee comparison website now.

In a nutshell, the platform opens doors for accounting firms to grow their practice as well as to taxpayers to find the best accountants according to their needs.